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1.        Examination Schedule

The Academic Division shall announce the final examination schedule two (2) weeks before the  examination. No replacement examination shall be conducted, merely due to the student negligence.


2.        Complaint of Examination Schedule

The drafts of the examination schedule shall be displayed during the tenth (10th)  week of the semester. The period for student complaint is within seven (7) days from the display. Students may complaint in writing to the Academic Division for any overlapping timetable.


3.        Examination Slip

The examination slip is the official document which must be produced in the examination hall/room. Students shall collect the slip from the faculty within seven (7) days before commencement of the examination weeks.


4.        Examination Regulations

Student shall abide to all examination regulations enforced in the university. Each university examination shall subject to the General Examination Regulations stipulated in Schedule I of this Rules.


5.        Academic Dishonesty

By virtue of the section 8 of the Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (Students’ Discipline) Act 1999, students are subject to the following:-

5.1      Lodging Report to the Disciplinary Authorities 

If any student is found breaking any examination regulations, an invigilators/examiners shall lodge a report to the Disciplinary Authorities. In such event, the Disciplinary Authorities may recommend to the Senate a KA status (0.00 grade point) as a punishment to the student. Notwithstanding that, the Disciplinary Authorities shall have the discretion to take further action under Paragraph 48 of the Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (Students’ Discipline) Regulations 1999.

5.2       A charge against offence of academic dishonesty shall be framed by the Disciplinary Authorities within two (2) weeks after the completion of the examination.

5.3       A student found guilty of Academic Dishonesty shall be punished with grade F by the Senate


6.        Examination Results

The examination results approved by the Senate shall be final. 


7.        Repeat Resit of Examinations

Resit of examination shall be conducted in the following events:- 

7.1      Candidate that unable to attend examination with valid reasons and acknowledged by the Dean.

7.2      A final semester candidates who failed the course that are required for his graduation.

7.3       An application to resit examination had been submitted within two (2) weeks after the results being issued.

7.4      Resit of an examination shall be allowed once only. Second failure shall cause the student to repeat the whole course of his study.

7.5      The resit examination marks shall only replace the component of the final examination.


8.       Appeal to Review the Final Results of the Course

8.1       An appeal may be submitted to the Academic Division using form (UPSI/AKAD3/12) within one (1) week after the results being issued.

8.2       A fee of RM25.00 shall be collected with the appeal.

8.3      An appeal will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Dean within a period of two (2) weeks.

8.4      The verdict of the Senate on the an appeal shall be final.


9.        Appeal to Continue Studies

Subject to the approval by the Senate, a student who had failed and being dismissed by the university may appeal in  writing to  the University through the faculty in order to continue his study.


10.      Continuous Academic Assessment 

10.1      Each student shall complete all coursework, quizzes, projects and other assignments specified for each course.

10.2      The results of the assessment must be displayed to the students not later than the thirteenth (13th) week of the semester.

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