1) Graduation Procedures during UPSI Convocation Ceremony (Click here) 

2) Check debt status through the Student Portal and make sure payments are made to avoid any problems while taking a robe and attending a convocation.

3) Payment of debts shall be settled before the vesting date of the robe by the latest by or before october 18, 2017.

4) All graduands are required to confirm the attandance of the convocation and print then conformation slip and robe loan (Click here).

5) All graduands MUST complete and complete the Graduates Tracer Study 2017 through the website, can be filled by all UPSI graduands. Please print and bring along the slip of the Graduates Tracer Study while taking a robe. Your failure to fill the Graduates Tracer Study will interfere with the process of taking a robe.

6) (Click here) to view session arrangement by faculty, 19th Convocation Ceremony UPSI. All graduands are required to attend according to the set of convocation sessions. Sessions exchange is not allowed.

7) The Invitation Graduation Letter 19th Convocation Ceremony UPSI can print now.

8) Robe Loan deal please bring together:
   7.1 Robe taking Form
   7.2 Payment slip payment of convocation fee
   7.3 Confirmation slips of printed study of graduades after completing the Graduate Tracer Study

9) (Click here) for the Checklist of Graduands Attending/Non-Attending The 19th Convocation Ceremony UPSI.

10) Robes borowing schedule. (Click here)

11) For the Special Needs Graduands you are requested to report on the Convocation day at the Special Needs 
Graduate Counter, Experimental Theater Lobby. (Click here)

12) i-Graduan UPSI. (Click here

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