Unit Penjadualan

  • Manage courses being offered every semester for to all the students. (B.Ed. and DPLI)
  • Manage students course registration during course Pre-registration made via online (B.Ed) in out campus (IPSAH)
  • Manage PKPG/DPLI/DP Technical and DP Mara students course registration for every semester
  • Manage and ensure all student check their course registration by requesting faculty to issue course registration check slip for students checking. (B.Ed.)
  • Manage and ensure the B.Ed., DPLI and DPT class schedules are complete every semester and neat as well as fulfil the requirement of the teaching and learning process.
  • Manage the changing of Major/Programme (B.Ed.)
  • Manage the registration of Minor and Minor changing (B.Ed.)
  • Manage credit exemption and credit transfer
  • Manage students' deferment, withdrawal and quit from the university, disciplinary and death cases (B.Ed./DPLI/DP Technical and DP MARA)
  • Manage students' addition of semester PKPG (B.Ed.)
  • Manage student's confirmation status to Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (B.Ed.)
  • Manage the add and drop of course (B.Ed.)
  • Manage students' confirmation with JPA, MARA, KWSP and PTPTN
  • Manage the package and registration of new and old students (B.Ed./DPLI/DP Technical and DP MARA)
  • Manage lecturers workload record
  • Manage Part-time lecturers record
  • Manage and supervise students list by course group and attendance to class
  • Supervise academic advisor system run by the faculty
  • Secretariat of hall and classroom infrastructure together with JPPHB and PTPM
  • Secretariat for Class Schedule Committee Meeting
  • Secretariat for Infrastructures and hall/classroom Meeting
  • Secretariat for Teaching Practice Committee Meeting
  • Secretariat for Industrial Training Committee Meeting

  • Manage all students profile record manually or by computer
  • Manage Students File Room
  • Manage the data/statistic for active/passive students
  • Manage matters pertaining the preparation of statistic for KPT/KPM/University
  • Manage the preparation of statistic for the request from inside or outside university party
  • Manage students' deferment records
  • Manage withdrawal record/students quit study
  • Manage students' personal file loan record
  • Analyse and research students' statistic trend (Admission, Enrolment, Product)
  • Cross-checking data in IMS system related to registration, examination and graduation 
  • Manage records and information about convocation ceremony and graduate statistic
  • Coordinate the content and information in Academic Affairs Division official website

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