Kumpulan Inovatif dan Kreatif (KIK)

What is Innovative and Creative Group? (ICG)

The government always give attention towards the efforts of introducing innovation and making improvements towards the services provided for the clients, parallel to the current requirements and evolution either inside or outside of the country. The government has reviewed the roles and methods used by the Quality Improvement Group (QIG/KMK) in organisational problem-solving. It is aimed to encourage the innovative and creative culture as well as providing an opportunity to the public servant to polish their ability and self-competence.

Hence, the name of KMK has been changed to Innovative and Creative Group (ICG/KIK). Different from KMK, the KIK membership is not limited to the members of support group level in a division, but it covers members from all levels, crossing a variety of divisions within an organisation. The KIK program is not just preparing techniques to solve problems exist in an organisation, but it includes methods that enable the members of KIK to act creatively and innovatively to produce something new or in the new form through imagination skill that brings to the improvement of the customer service delivery system.

KIK is an effective management mechanism in developing highly skilled human capital in Public Service in the journey of realising government’s aspiration to improve efficiency and the effectiveness of government agencies in delivering services to the citizens. Besides that, KIK also has a basic principle that recognised workers as the most valuable sources in the organisation and prepared forums for them to participate in the decision-making process and next, implementing actions decided as a team.  

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